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Implementation of Master Data Management (MDM) Strategies and Solutions

Master Data Management
We can implement the technology foundation that enables your master data management (MDM) application to integrate with existing and new business systems and improves the quality of your master data, maximizing the value of your MDM application. We have extensive product and project expertise around MDM both from a Customer Data Integration (CDI) and Product Information Management (PIM) perspective as well as MDM solutions within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
We will standardize, enhance and link information about your customers and create an accurate, unified, ‘single version of the truth’ view of customer information.

The scope of our practice covers CDI under Operational, Collaborative, and Analytical usage. Our SOA approach promotes MDM agility through both loosely and tightly coupled internal and external integration on MDM implementations. Our MDM capabilities are provided through our close collaboration with Oracle as well as our own consultants.

We provide full enterprise information management life cycle in terms of people, process, and technology and the promotion of MDM governance best practices, accelerating the adoption of MDM solutions and simplifying the path towards achieving a single version of the truth across enterprise systems.